case study

mezzanine flooring

lindisfarne close

We were approached by the client in Lindisfarne Close to create and fit a mezzanine floor and oak staircase.

Prior to us starting the work there was already normal home flooring above where the client wanted us to add the new mezzanine flooring. Regardless of this being a harder task than normal we were still able to create the mezzanine flooring underneath.

To begin the process we had to support the above flooring with joists as well as this we had to carefully remove all of the pipe work that were running up and down the walls due to their bathroom being above where we were working. Once the pipes were removed we rerouted them in a cleaner way that allowed us to continue our work on the mezzanine flooring.

After this we began to construct the mezzanine flooring underneath the original home flooring.

Once we completed this job we moved onto the next job that the client wanted done. In short this next job involved us combining two originally separate windows to make them into one aesthetically pleasing window. This job didn’t take too long.

Next we we created en suites for the clients that were originally wardrobes which also had lots of messy pipe work behind. To being the process we removed the messy pipe work and rerouted it so that this was clean. Then we began to build the actual en suites and the final result for this was beautiful.

The next en suite that we created was a storage room as opposed to a normal wardrobe.

Throughout the whole house we fitted every bit of oak, skirting board, doors, windows karndean flooring tiles, raw iron stair case, back fitted all bathrooms, decorated the second staircase with glass and oak.

The home also had two garages. We turned the first one into a studio and second one was turned into a utility room.

Finally all of the paving was done by us and all of our steel is fabricated in house.

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