case study

Celebrity hot tub

Alan Titchmarsh

DG Dawson were approached by Alan Titchmarsh to assist with the full electronic installation and plumbing of a hot tub that was getting fitted into a ladies summerhouse garden that he had designed. The project was undertaken to provide a relaxing hot tub area for her disabled son and also create a space that the family could all enjoy together.

DG Dawson worked in conjunction with a hot tub supply company to deliver this project. It needed the expertise of 2 different companies to overcome the challenges of both the plumbing side and the electrical side, followed by the actual installation and setup of the hot tub. By working closely with both Alan Titchmarsh and the hot tub company, the project was able to be finished in record time and with everyone involved knowing they had played a huge part in delivering a dream to this family.

The end result was that the customer and her son were over the moon with the finished result of the hot tub. Alan Titchmarsh was also extremely happy with the work that we carried out in the garden of the summerhouse.

It’s fair to say that we were impressed with the final result to and couldn’t of asked for a better reaction off the mother, son and of course Alan. Great job, great experience and most important of all great result.

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